JK - Sweet Cheeks 200

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Is your seat designed to fit your rear end perfectly? No chance. The average kayak seat is designed to fit the largest rear end that would likely fit in the boat, otherwise that kayak would be useless to those with a big rear end.
The Sweet Cheeks allows your rear end to form a butt imprint down deep, creating a bucket that surrounds you in back, to the sides, and on both sides of your legs. Low spots are filled in, high spots are taken down, and all of the areas that aren't normally supported are suddenly supported.
One of the best parts is where the hip pads end and the Sweet Cheeks picks up, offering side to side support perfectly. If you hate leaning back in your boat and having your rear end slide forward, the Sweet Cheeks offers a 100% comfortable wedge in the front, made by your legs and crotch, that prevents slippage forward. The back of the seat meets up with the backband in the exact right spot, so your tailbone is protected by foam, and the back of your rear end is firmly supported with the rise behind you. 

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