Werner Covert Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle

Shaft: Bent Standard
Length: 191
Sale price$559.00 USD
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To move secretly through the water.

The little sibling to the Stealth, the Covert was designed and tested closely with Dane Jackson along with some of the best paddlers in the world, the Covert is Werner’s latest advanced/race paddle.  The Covert combines our blade forward, buoyant profile, with slender edges, reducing resistance during entry and exit. 

  • Blade inserted into the shaft at the throat for seamless look and feel.
  • A mid-sized down river race inspired blade shape for a higher cadence stroke.
  • With an increased blade to shaft offset, this blade forward design gives a more powerful catch and more verticality through the power phase.
  • We’ve optimized materials and manufacturing techniques to obtain lower weight, remain strong and provide a comfortable flex. Less fatigue on your body overall, for the longer races.

NOTE. Design features that make this paddle fast, also make for a unique feel in your hands. Bracing and rolling are different. We did not intend the Covert to be an all-around paddle for beginners or intermediate paddlers.

***The Covert is an advanced/race paddle, its unique design characteristics make it light and fast.  Please look to our Premium Fiberglass paddles such as the Surge to handle more abuse.


Shaft Option: Bent
Pieces: 1 Piece
Weight Grams: 964g.
Weight Ounces: 34oz.
Length Range: 188cm-203cm in 1cm increments.
Feather Angle: Fixed. L or R. 0 to 90 in 5 degree increments.
Blade Surface Area: 650 cm2
Blade Length x Width:  43.4 X 19.8

Advanced Design & Fit:

Performance Level: Ultimate
Blade Design: Ultimate - Carbon  - Whitewater, Dihedral, Asymmetrical Blade Shape
Blade Shape: Advanced/Race
Shaft Features: Neutral Bent Shaft, Advanced/Race Shaft

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