Pyranha REACTR Whitewater Kayak

Color: Cotinga Blue
Sale price$1,699.00 USD


The ReactR is Pyranha's most innovative design yet, and opens new doors within the world of creek and river running for kayakers of all abilities. Ride higher and drier in rapids, scream into eddies faster than ever, and find your line without any limitations.

In the design of the ReactR, Pyranha have spent significant time developing an entirely new style of hull, with a perfectly positioned pivot point and two planing surfaces, one in front and another behind, which the paddler can switch between with ease. This means the boat is stable both when landing a drop on the bow and when planing out of features on the tail. You want that skip, and Pyranha have delivered.

This isn't just a kayak – it's a statement about Pyranha's commitment to leading the charge and progressing the sport through design innovation. The ReactR’s development tore up the rulebook on creek boat design and rewrote it – embrace the new era of whitewater kayaking!


Perfected Hull - The ReactR hull has been perfected to enable direction changes when flat without tripping over the tail.

Pivot hull Philosophy - Allows the paddler to take complete control of the boat's direction at any speed.

Tail Design - The ReactR’s tail design has been honed to stay on top of the water when heading downstream, but enable rapid direction changes through low-angle pivot turns while keeping your weight over the front and your forward momentum strong.

Innovative Rocker - An innovative rocker profile takes sidewall pressure away from the ends of the boat and allows you to make last second adjustments and carve into eddies.

Smooth Water Entry - The bow profile gives smoother water entry, a lifting point closer to the paddler for more horizontal skips, and allows cross currents to pass under the boat without knocking you off your line.

Hull Efficiently - The ReactR's hull efficiently glides out of features and retains upstream speed in ferries and attainments, yet still gets out of your way quick during boofs.

Dynamic Bow - The dynamic bow captures the flow running over it and directs it under the boat for increased speed and optimal planing performance.

Elite Outfitting System - Pyranha’s new, Elite outfitting system has been redesigned from the hull up to give you optimal control of the ReactR’s progressive hull design.

Tech Specs:




273cm / 8' 11"


70cm / 27.5"

External Cockpit Length

91cm / 37"

External Cockpit Width

52cm / 20.5"



Hatch Volume


23kg / 51lb

Optimum Paddler Weight

70-95kg / 155-210lb

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