Sticker Pack

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These KAVU Sticker Packs are a BIG BANG BOOM that will leave their mark 11 times with 11 different USA made stickers! Featuring 6 3M® vinyl die cuts that will make your hoopty look real cherry and ready for a KAVU adventure because, FUN HAS NO SEASON.  They've packed in the band-aid sticker in case you, or your adventure mobile, gets a little banged up. Keep it classy with the KAVU rectangle and circle OG logos or a sweet pink logo sticker for the GNAR factor! There's also the Diamonds are forever sticker due to popular demand.

ENJOY this mondo pack of 100% Seattle, USA made stickers from our friends over at

1 - 6" Blue KAVU Die Cuts 
1 - 6" Red KAVU Die Cuts 
1 - 6" White FUN HAS NO SEASON Die Cut 
1 - 3" Blue KAVU Die Cuts 
1 - 3" White KAVU Die Cuts 
1 - 3" Sliver KAVU Die Cuts 
1 - 5.25" KAVU Rectangle Logo 
1 - 3.5" KAVU Circle Logo 
1- 2" Pink KAVU Circle Logo 
1- 3.5" KAVU Band-Aid 
1- 4" KAVU Diamonds Are Forever

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