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Watershed Zipdry Futa Stowfloat Dry Bag

Watershed Zipdry Futa Stowfloat Dry Bag

Price: $89.00
1. Size/Color: BLUE
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Watershed ZipDry seal dry bags snap shut like a freezer bag, and anything inside is protected - even underwater.Watershed dry bags use only chemically stable polyurethane coated fabrics, featuring 4 times the abrasion resistance of PVC and flexibility at all temperatures. Watershed uses radio frequency energy to weld all of the seams on our bags. Through intensive quality assurance, including prolonged inflation testing, Watershed drybags are truly waterproof bags that are guaranteed to be free of leaks.

Volume: 1000 cubic in., 13.3 liters
Dimensions: 36" x 18.5" (tapers to 6.5")
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