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 Guest Appreciation Festival GAF

10 Things You Need for GAF



Welcome to GAF, The Grandaddy of Gear Sales!  NOC's famous end-of-season festival celebrating active outdoor lifestyles. This year's event will be huge, with a packed entertainment schedule and more great gear deals than ever before! GAF is... a Used Gear Sale, Gear Swap Marketplace, Outfitter's Store Tent Sale, Rafting & Paddling, Live Music & Entertainment, Outdoor Gear Demonstrations, Surf School, Storytelling, Kayak Events, Climbing Competitions, Trail Running/Hiking, SUP Surfing, Wakeboard Spectacular, Bike Trials, Kayak Debuts and much much more.


See the full lineup of events and music at our official GAF Headquarters.


For a successful weekend, proper gear and planning will prevent a poor experience! Here is our suggested GAF Gear List


  1. 1. Boats
    Bring your boat! Whether you are an extreme duckier, whitewater raft rider, shootout playboater, steep creeker, nanty river shredder or classic open boater, with so many rivers, lakes and creeks in our neighborhood, there is plenty for you to do.  
  2. 2. Warm Clothes
    The Fall Season will be full on in the Western North Carolina Mountains. Fleece Jackets, Warmth Layers, River BaselayersBeanies are musts.
  3. 3. Sleeping Bag/Gear
    Night time temperatures can get into the 30's and 40's, so you should be prepared.  Be sure to remember your Sleeping Bags, Pads, Pillows and Earplugs to block out your snoring neighbor.
  4. 4. Tent
    Unless you are staying in your car or a motel, most people are scattered throughout the gorge at the many local campsites, pack your tent, tarp or hammock.
  5. 5. Packs
    There is a lot to see and do at GAF, while you are walking around you will need something to store your purchases in, checkout our selection of bags & packs.
  6. 6. Paddling Gear
    If you get the bug to get on the river in between all of the events during GAF weekend, we will have great buys on Paddle Gear. Musts for a good time on the river in the fall; Splash Tops, River Baselayers, PFDs, Helmets & Paddles
  7. 7. Footwear
    We have a great selection of Sandals, Water Shoes, but if rain comes be sure to have Waterproof Shoes to keep your feet dry!
  8. 8. Socks
    Whether you are in the water or on the land, keeping your toes warm (and hopefully mostly dry) will be important.  On land pick up some warm socks from Wigwam, Smartwool, Bridgedale and for Chacos and Flip Flops, we have some toe socks from Injinji. In the water, be sure you have Neosocks or Booties.
  9. 9. Headlamp
    As the sun starts to hide behind the mountains earlier and earlier, a Headlamp or Flashlight will be needed as we rock all night long.
  10. 10. Raingear
    September in the mountains is hit or miss for seasonal rain showers.  Creekers love it, Musicians don't!  Be safe and be dry, be sure to remember your rain jacket, rain pants, dry suit, Dry Tops, Dry Pants, garbage bag, poncho...whatever will keep your dry.


Lastly...Have Fun!


NOC Gear Shop offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 or for in-store pickup.  If you are ordering a boat, we offer $19.95 shipping on New Boats, and $85 Shipping on Used/Sale Boats.

Questions? Call Kerby at 1.800.367.3521